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rules iconThis article outlines the "rules" that are used to manage the site's forum. The forum is actually a summary of "your comments" regarding the site's articles. Please add "your 2 cents worth" and make the site more interesting! At this time, the forum supports comments only. In other words, the forum does not allow uploads of any kind (including files, photos, videos, links, etc.). Also, the forum does not support subscriptions or RSS feeds. These features may be enabled in the future. We'll keep you posted...

One last note: if you start your comment directly from inside the forum, the comment will not be visible on the article page outside of the forum. If you would like your comment to be visible on the article page outside the forum, please use the text box directly following the article. Comments added to the text box (directly following the article) will be visible both inside and outside the forum. This sounds more complicated that it actually is... Please, just give it a try and you will see which format you prefer!