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TOPIC: zone 1: part 1

zone 1: part 1 5 years 4 months ago #1

A few visitors have asked us where we sourced our raised vegetable garden bins. In the end, we made our purchase from K.I.S.S. Products (based in Woodford, QLD): www.kissproducts.com.au.

We made the decision to convert to raised bins after maintaining in ground vegetable beds for 5 years. During that time, our largest obstacle was dealing with the constant damage caused by marauding scrub turkeys and bandicoots. We tried to install several rounds of (temporary) fencing to address this issue. However, the solution was not effective for us.

We really enjoy having wildlife in our zone 1 garden areas. So, the idea of raised bins seemed like a reasonable compromise. In the end, we were won over by the advantages (including improved wildlife protection, easier access, less weeding and better drainage). However, we did also have to consider a few disadvantages (including relatively high purchase cost, increased evaporation rates and limited product life).

We have had our bins for 9 months now and have been very happy with the results so far. However, as always, please do your own research to make the best decision for your unique situation...
Elaine Ben and Maddy
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zone 1: part 1 7 years 2 months ago #2

garden bountyThe following photo galleries show how half of our zone 1 (permaculture) garden areas have progressed over time - from 2003 to the present. As with all the photo galleries on the site, please single click on an image to see a larger view and/or a slideshow.

In 2005, when we were preparing to build our house, we made the decision to remove close to 1m of top soil from the immediate area (to give us more useable space). Needless to say, the compacted clay pan that remained was not going to let us grow anything! So, our main priority to date has been to slowly build up the organic matter in our soil.

To date, we have brought in more than 35 tons of manure (cow, sheep, horse), mulch (barley, sugarcane, lucerne), and other improvers (dolomite, lime, seasol, etc.)! And, after 5 years of slow and hard work, we are finally being rewarded with some progress!


front all


zone 1: 1 rose bush land

zone 1: 2 fruit tree cityzone 1: 3 blossom parade

zone 1: 4 banana party place


zone 1: 5 isles of plenty




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Elaine Ben and Maddy
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