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delicate white and pink cattleya orchid- preserve making,

- yogurt making,

- oat flaking

homemade flour

delicious homemade flour and breadOnce again, before living at treetops, we hadn't given much thought to homemade flour. But, over time, we came to realise that flour was going to play a part in our journey towards self sufficiency. Our first step in the journey was to switch from white flour to whole grain flour. At the time, our motivation was to improve the nutritional quality of our food. Story over, or so we thought!

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Posted: 7 years 1 month ago by Ben #6
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I fell in love with the idea of grinding flour by hand when we were talking about doing it. I still love the final product, and the food we have produced from it. I love the fact that it uses no electricity. I have to warn anyone considering this though... It is NOT easy. 12 cups of ground flour takes circa 2hrs (for an unfit guy like me anyway), and a good few liters of water to keep me hydrated. Would I agree to it again? Yes, but for me the food value of fresh ground four is more important than the energy saving. Consider a good electric mill first, then get yourself a hand cranked jobbie as a later project.

bulk food storage

bulk food storage containersBefore living at treetops, we'd never thought about bulk food storage. But, as our family started to think more about self sufficiency, we realised that long term food storage was going to play a major part for us. Long story short, after doing research on the internet and getting some good advice from friends, we decided on the best way for our family to move forward...

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Posted: 5 years 7 months ago by treetopsdreaming #18
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A few visitors have asked where we sourced our bulk food storage pails. In the end, we made our purchase from The NCI Packaging Shop (based in Melbourne): We chose metal, food grade (retail), laquered pails and laquered lids (with a locking ring).

Although we have been happy with our choice so far, please do your own research. After all, you need to make the best decision for your unique situation :-)

the joy of knitting

kids knitted poncho with crochet flowersGaining the skills to become more self sufficient can take you in so many different and interesting directions. For example, about 20 years ago, I knitted a scarf. At the time, I didn't value the outcome enough to justify the time and effort required. However, now, many years later, I have discovered the joy of this very useful and practical craft! Also, isn't the idea of creating fabric from yarn using needles an amazing concept?

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the wonder of crochet

120 crochet flower squares for spring blanketI discovered the wonder of crochet while finishing my first knitting project (kids knitted poncho - the joy of knitting). I decided to try to crochet a few flowers as an embellishment. Now, I am addicted to both crochet and crochet flowers!

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food, glorious homemade food

thumb150_26Maddy (and I) are extremely lucky to have a father (and husband) that loves to create all sorts of delicious homemade food. He is constantly working to find the best recipes and techniques for everything from homemade whole wheat pastry (to make tasty apple pies and meat pies), to pancakes (including both traditional and Finnish types), to bread, and to using our fresh garden produce. Our lives are definitely more fulfilling and satisfying as a result of his hard work...

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