the wonder of crochet

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120 crochet flower squares for spring blanketI discovered the wonder of crochet while finishing my first knitting project (kids knitted poncho - the joy of knitting). I decided to try to crochet a few flowers as an embellishment. Now, I am addicted to both crochet and crochet flowers!

While looking for ideas for my next project, I came across this beautiful pattern by Beata Basik (aka Rose Hip). Of course, this pattern became the inspiration for my current "120 crochet flower squares for spring blanket" project. I absolutely love the texture of these squares and the look of the joining stitch, so beautiful...

I started my blanket by selecting 6 different "spring" colours. I chose Heirloom 8 ply 100% merino colour works yarn. I then had to do some basic math. Each square requires 3 different colours (not including the joining yarn) and my goal was to use the 6 different colours to create as many unique squares as possible. A basic calculation yielded the result of 120 squares (from 6 x 5 x 4).

Since starting in mid-February, I have completed the 120 crochet flowers. I am now working on expanding the flowers into squares. So far, I have completed 114 (only 6 more to go)! Once the 120 squares are finished, I will use a reverse double crochet stitch to join them together. I have decided to introduce a 7th colour for the join, a neutral mid-brown tone. I will then add a matching border and leave myself the option to expand the blanket using more squares one day (to increase the size from a single to a double)...

Feel free to drop by from time to time to see how the spring blanket is progressing. If you would like to learn more about the flowers, please visit my crochet flowers project page on Ravelry. If you would like to learn more about the squares, please visit my crochet flower squares for spring blanket project page on Ravelry.

Also, here are a few more photos to enjoy! As with all the photo galleries on the site, please single click on an image to see a larger view and/or a slideshow. Enjoy!