kids abc scavenger hunt

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kids ABC scavenger huntWe have just completed a kids abc scavenger hunt for our garden. This fun activity takes us on a journey through our zone 1 and 2 (permaculture) garden areas and through all 26 letters of the alphabet! Our goal is to find as many different plants and animals from A to Z as possible...



Here is our list so far (please feel free to borrow the list for your own adventure or to use it as a source of inspiration to make your own):

big640 kids ABC scavenger hunt

This activity can be enjoyed in many different ways. For example, the entire family can participate in the adventure together, older kids can go off on their own (with a digital camera or notebook to record their discoveries), or the activity can be timed...

Our next step in this activity will be to take photos of our A-Z discoveries and add them to a photo gallery. Until then, happy scavenging!

Posted: 5 years 3 months ago by treetopsdreaming #56
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A few visitors have suggested that we should create a blank template for the scavenger hunt activity. What a good idea! We'll start working on this and keep you posted on our progress...