garden animal list

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thumb150 67We recently completed an inventory of the animals located in zone 1 to 5 of our (permaculture) garden areas. In total, the garden has approximately 180 unique animals (including insects, birds, arachnids, mammals, frogs, molluscs, reptiles and worms)...


The following lists summarise the animals that we have discovered in our garden to date. The lists contain information on animal genus (by common name), animal genus (by scientific name), animal class (by common name), as well as provide links to relevant pages at both the Queensland Museum and Wikipedia sites for each animal. In addition, the lists categorise the animals in terms of bite/sting/spray severity, feeding behaviour, and frequency of sighting. (Please click on the following links to view the lists in detail):


The following graph shows the number of animals (by animal class):

garden animal graph (by animal type)


The following graph shows the number of animals by (feeding behaviour):

garden animal list (by feeding behaviour)


The following graph shows the number of animals (by frequency of sighting):

garden animal list (by frequency of sighting)


The following graph shows the number of animals (by bite or sting):

garden animal list (by bite or sting)


thumb250 book2For those interested, the lists (and various graphs) were created using Excel (a spreadsheet software package). Once the data is entered into a worksheet, the program makes it easy to generate dynamic pivot charts (that can then be used to examine various relationships). The possibilities are endless. Also, a great reference book for this activity was "Wildlife of Greater Brisbane".

The next step in this activity will be to refine and add to the list. Until then, please visit our nature photos photo gallery to see photos of the animals that have visited our garden areas over time. Enjoy!