garden plan

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property diagram: high-level garden zonesWe have just completed a high-level diagram that outlines the various (permaculture) zones on our property. For those unfamiliar with the concept of (permaculture) zones, the following explanation (taken from Wikipedia) should be helpful...

"Zones are a way of intelligently organizing design elements in a human environment on the basis of the frequency of human use and plant or animal needs. Frequently manipulated or harvested elements of the design are located close to the house in zones 1 and 2. Less frequently used or manipulated elements, and elements that benefit from isolation (such as wild species) are farther away. Zones are about positioning things appropriately. Zones are numbered from 0 to 5."


garden diagram


The following table provides more detailed information about the use of zones on our property:

garden zones defined


For those interested, the diagram was created from two images (provided by google maps) which were then layered and cropped (using a photo-editing software package). The first image included property boundaries (and was captured using the "map" view). The second image included property features (and was captured using the "satellite" view).

The next step in this activity will be to create detail-level diagrams for each of the individual (permaculture) zones... Until then, please visit our property photo galleries covering landscaping, zone 1 (part 1), zone 1 (part 2)zone 2, and zone 3 to 5 areas. Enjoy!