garden zones and areas

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rose bush babyAfter far too many years of using practical (but completely uninspired) names for our various (permaculture) garden areas, we are finally in the process of using our imagination to develop more creative names. A shared family challenge and quick walk around the garden is all that it took to start this exciting change! Here is what we have come up with so far...




zone 1 garden area names

zones 2 - 5 garden area names

We'll be working on these ideas for the next few weeks. In addition to the names and the stories, Maddy and I are also creating artwork for each of the garden areas. The following gallery shows some of our drawings and photos so far (my favourite is "banana party place"):

The following gallery shows how our garden's story is starting to take shape:

Once we have finished this step, the next activity will be to update our garden layout diagram with the new names and colour coding. I can't wait to share the result!