zone 1: part 2

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garden bountyThe following photo galleries show how half of our zone 1 (permaculture) garden areas have progressed over time - from 2003 to the present. As with all the photo galleries on the site, please single click on an image to see a larger view and/or a slideshow.

In 2005, when we were preparing to build our house, we made the decision to remove close to 1m of top soil from the immediate area (to give us more useable space). Needless to say, the compacted clay pan that remained was not going to let us grow anything! So, our main priority to date has been to slowly build up the organic matter in our soil.

To date, we have brought in more than 35 tons of manure (cow, sheep, horse), mulch (barley, sugarcane, lucerne), and other improvers (dolomite, lime, seasol, etc.)! And, after 5 years of slow and hard work, we are finally being rewarded with some progress!

zone 1: 6 grassy edgezone 1: 7 fairyland jungle

zone 1: 8 firepitzone 1: 9 thinking rock


shadey alley


lovely chook ladies