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garden and viewsWelcome to treetopsdreaming! Please feel free to look around our site to learn more about our family's slow journey towards a more sustainable and self sufficient lifestyle. The site is filled with interesting photo and video galleries as well as many articles and links to other interesting sites.

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who we are

who we areHello, we're Ben, Elaine and Madison. Our family has recently launched this website to share our slow journey towards a more self sufficient and sustainable lifestyle. Our journey so far really has been one step forward, one step back. But, we just slowly keep on going...

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what we (are trying to) do

squash galoreWhen we first purchased treetopsdreaming back in 2003, we didn't have sustainability and self sufficiency as goals. At that time, all we really wanted was to own a nice quiet home in the country. So, in 2005, we contracted a builder, selected a house from a plan and proceeded to build a reasonably conventional home. As we had no experience with building, the learning curve was steep... 

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why we (are trying to) do this

artistic sunflowersWhen we first purchased our property in 2003, our only goal was to own a nice quiet home in the country. Our reasons were simple - we believed that this choice would allow our family to lead the highest quality of life available to us. We wanted to learn how to grow and nurture plants. We wanted to learn how to care for livestock. We wanted to learn more about nature. However, since that time, our understanding of the world has evolved...

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Another question we probably need to answer is "why do you have a website?". The easiest answer is that we wanted to share our journey with others. We hope that you will be inspired to take some steps of your own! We also hope that you will learn from our successes (and our mistakes), so that your journey may be easier...