what garden job did you do today?

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thumb150 1When you own a property, there are always at least a few jobs on the "to do" list. Over the past week, I have been working to collect leaf mulch (mostly eucalyptus and brush box). This annual maintenance task is important for several reasons...

First, it helps to reduce the fire risk (in our zone 1 garden areas) as we enter the fire season. Second, it helps to protect our access route (from washing away due to blocked drains) as we enter the storm season. And, third, it provides a great garden resource, for free!

In a good year, I can easily collect 30-40 wheelbarrows full. This wonderful resource is then used as a mulch for the edge of our zone 2 (permaculture) garden areas. From experience, I know this mulch will eventually be worked throughout the entire zone 2 areas (by our chickens, other wildlife and gravity). In the end, it's a big, but satisfying garden job...

Here are a few pictures to enjoy. (I was particularly happy to see the red-bellied black snake making use of the leaf litter). As with all the photo galleries on the site, please single click on an image to see a larger view and/or a slideshow.

And, that brings me to ask "what garden job did you do today?" (Please feel free to leave a comment in the forum...)